Maryland Wildfire

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring with me or pack in my Red Bag? Here is a list of recommended items compiled by several long time crew members.. Click here to view (Word Document).
How do I become a crew member? You should first contact the Regional State Fire Manager for the area you live in. Click here for regional fire manager phone numbers
How do I get additional wildfire training? The easiest way to get additional training within the state of Maryland is to watch the News page. As members pass along training opportunities a notice will be posted on the website.
How long does the crew deploy for? Typically the crew deploys for 14 days on the fireline plus travel days. This can mean 16 to18 days away from home.
Who is the webmaster? Where does all the news come from? The webmaster is just another Maryland Wildfire Crew member with an interest in website building. He has been on the crew since 2001 (if you have been on the crew for a few years you probably have been out West with him). The website was created for all crewmembers to enjoy. News and information comes from a variety of Internet sources, but most comes from crew members. Without the active input and support of everyone, this website wouldn't exist.
Does the Website have a Privacy Policy? To view the websites Privacy Policy, click here.