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The MD chapter of The Nature Conservancy currently has an opening for one Rx burn crew member position, with a start date of March 30, 2009. Here is the job description, follow instruction at the bottom to apply. Please note: the position is only open for one week!

Thank you, Deborah

Click here for the announcment and instructions.


Hello, I am working with the TNC Maryland Chapter on several RX burns on the lower eastern shore. TNC is interested in hiring a fire crew for the spring burn season. The job descriptions are attached. Could you please post and or share distribute to anyone that may be interested?

Thanks, JRR

Click here for the Burn Crew Member and Burn Crew Leader job descriptions (Word Docs)


Wayne & Ryan,

I got my Sportiva Glaciers a while back. They felt very different than my White's. It felt like I was wearing ski boots. The uppers are thickly padded and did not have a lot of "give" to them. So I sent them back. I'll be having my Whites rebuilt this winter.


Wayne & Ryan,

I just ordered a pair of Glacier EVOs (gray/black) myself. I wanted to test them out and see how long they hold up. I probably won't be wearing them for everyday use, however since the crew only goes out 3-4 times a year, I think they would hold up for our uses. The soles are rebuildable (cost unknown), but the upper aren't. When MDS#3 was in Missoula we went to a local mountaineering shop and asked about them. The sales rep said that the Forest Service was reccomending them because they were easier on the feet than Whites/Nicks/Drews, etc. However, he also said that they were not designed as fire boots and thus you can't stand in a bed of hot coals like you can with regular fire boots. My boots should be arriving tomorrow. I couldn't find a local shop that had them in stock, so I had to order them online. It might take a few returns to get the right size.

FYI, there are a few models available from La Sportiva. The Makalu, the Glacier and the Glacier EVO. They can be viewed at

I'll keep you posted. Brian



Everything I have heard and read is that they are fireline approved with the exception of some of the smaller sizes commonly worn by woman (they don't meet the 8 inch height requirement). Here is a link to a BLM memo that has a section that addresses the La Sportiva boots

The U.S. Forest Service Health and Safety Code Handbook (FSH 6709.11) Section 25.12 specifies the requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn by personnel engaged in wildland firefighting. Here's the requirement it sets for the boots firefighters must provide: "Boots. Wear heavy-duty, leather, laced boots with nonskid soles and tops at least 8 inches (204 mm) high. Steel-toed (metal cup) footwear is not recommended for fire suppression." The La Sportiva Glaciers seem to meet these requirements.

The only drawback I've heard is that they might not hold up quite as well as traditional boots, but that is just what I've heard and read. Nothing from my own experience. They also aren't NFPA approved, but many of the boots that meet the standard above aren't NFPA approved, so I don't think that is significant. Hope this helps.



Are the La Sportiva Glacier boots approved fire boots? Saw several folks wearing them in Montana, contract guys and Montana DNRC folks.



Howdy boys and girls, just wanted to tell everyone that I am headin on down the line. I caught on as a crew member with the Buffalo National River Fire Use Module Crew (FUM). The same guys we met in Minnesota last year. Just wanted to tell everyone I ever worked with on the Maryland Crew that you guys are the best and I am going to miss going out on fires with the crew. Iíll keep an eye out for you guys in the future and maybe weíll see each other again some day down the fire line. Keep kickin ass and have a safe fire season.

Cody Jack


To MDS #3, Hope all are well and Ernesto was not to hard on you. Flew into Duluth last night about 10:30 pm. Glad to be home finally and look forward to a future assignment with you folks.

Walt G. Ely, MN


Attached are a few pictures I took while on assignment as an Incident Medical Specialist Technician at the Black Crater and Lake George fires near Sisters, Oregon...

Peggy M

Peggy is a past Maryland Wildfire crew member who often goes out as a single resource. Click here to ck out some great pictures (word document about 5 megs). Glad to see you made it back safe and sound Peggy!


Keep an eye on the News page. The webmaster is posting news on MDS#2 and MDS#3 as it is sent in by everyone. Be sure to use the links imbedded in the News Postings for the most up to date information! Thanks to everyone who has been sending in info, without contributions from crew members this site would be nothing!

For those of you in MDS#1 and for all the crew members on MDS#2 and MDS#3 that will be returning soon: Don't forget to send in your pictures when you return. There are already over 200 pictures submitted from the Turtle Lake WFU sent in by MDS#1 crew members. Be on the lookout for an updated photo Album page to arrive in September!

The MD Forest Service is trying to put together a 3rd crew of the season. Right now we need about 8-10 people to complete the crew. If you are available and you havenít done so already, please contact your regional fire manager and inform them of your status. The west is burning up right now. Good luck and see you on the next fire! Brian

Got these pics while I was running an engine on the Warm Fire a few weeks ago. Fire grew 42,000 acres overnight. Had a six mile wide crown fire at 2 in the morning. Nuts!

Dan P.

Dan was on the Maryland crew in past years until last year when he headed out west to be an engine slug. Click here to ck out some great pictures! Stay safe Dan!


Don't forget to contact your regional fire manager to update your availability for the season as well as your contact information. Click here for regional fire manager phone numbers. Please note that firefighters in Central Region (Carroll, Montgomery, Howard, Cecil, Baltimore and Harford Counties) should contact the Southern Regional Fire Manager at (301) 579-6551 this season.

The activity out west has picked up substantially this week. Don't miss out; be sure that your regional fire manager has your updated dates of availability!


The MSFA convention is right around the corner and the Forest Service will be in attendance once again. This year, celebrating the Centennial of the Forest Service, we have stepped up our presentation at the convention hall and would like help from some of our fire crew members for the parade. Something we have never done before, to my knowledge, is to have our Western Fire Crew be represented at the parade. We would like to have at least 10 of our fire crew members in full PPE march through the parade with the Forest Service equipment. If anyone would be interested in participating in the parade please let me know ASAP so that I can make arrangements. Parade will be held on Wednesday June 21 at 1300.



Chris Robertson
Eastern Region Fire Manager
MD DNR Forest Service
201 Baptist Street Suite 22
Salisbury, MD 21801
Don't forget to contact your regional fire manager to update your availability for the season as well as your contact information. Click here for regional fire manager phone numbers. Please note that firefighters in Central Region (Carroll, Montgomery, Howard, Cecil, Baltimore and Harford Counties) should contact the Southern Regional Fire Manager at (301) 579-6551 this season. Remember, its never too early to get your gear together and continue working out. Things will start heating up out west before you know it!

There is a point at which a wildfire becomes unstoppable, where a phenomenon will destroy anything in its path. The Australian City of Sydney faces this threat every year. For those working at the forefront of Fire Storm science, the nightmare's begun...

Part of the Perfect Disaster series FIRESTORM episode, new on the Discovery Channel premiers Sunday April 9th at 9:00 pm eastern



Worcester County experienced a 105 acre wildfire on Forest Lane near Snow Hill. Initial attack occured on 3/12/06. Units from several fire VFCs in Worcester & Wicomico Counties and Maryland Forest Service units from Worcester, Wicomico, Somerset and Dorchester were involved. At one point there were 3 MFS dozers on the scene. Fire burned in the ground and Snow Hill VFC and MFS were recalled on 3/15/06. Extensive mop up was conducted on the 3/15 & 16. The fire still has not been declared out as of 3/22/06. The cause is still under investigation. I believe this is the largest fire in Worcester since the Good Friday fire of 1993.



Just posted a link to the Refresher and Pack test schedule for the Western Region on the News Page. If anyone has seen the schedule for the other regions, please send it in and we'll get it published for everyone. There have also been some questions about fire camp this year including if it isn't going to occur this year, will it be scheduled for next year. Any information you could share would be appreciated!


the webmaster


Just wanted to let you know that all of the single resource dozer operators are back from Texas today, all safe and sound. Just talked to John M. who reported that all went well with the assignment.


John and company. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know what all you ran into out there. Glad to hear everyone is back in one piece! Click here for the official DNR News Release


Hey Y'all, There is a short run TV series on the Discovery Channel for the next few weeks. Its called "Into The Firestorm" and it profiles wildland firefighting crews on actual fires. The premiere episode was Tuesday, January 17 and it wasn't that bad. It showed felling, burnouts, line construction, mop-up, the whole nine yards. It will air on Tuesdays at 10pm on the Discovery Channel until February 7, 2006. For more details go to



John F. has passed along that an additional resource was dispatched to Texas yesterday bringing the total to 7 DNR Forest Service personnel. For those of you interested, the Texas Forest Service Website has been kept up to date on the wildfire activity in Texas. Click here for link to their site.

Also, be sure to check out this link and read John M's quote in a local story out of Texas about out of state resources coming to Texas to help.


6 DNR Forest Service personnel are assisting the Texas Forest Service as dozer operators. They are assigned to areas in Eastern Texas.

John F.


Happy New Year. John and I are linked up together in Pittsburg, Texas. We are both assigned to tractor plow units for I.A.. in a four county area. Had some lightning last night and expect we'll pick up some fires over the next few days.

Shawn D and John M.


Shawn D. and Shannon W, both of the MD DNR FS left this weekend for Texas to aid with Dozer operations. Word is that Shannon is working with the Texas Forest Service and is stationed outside of Marshall Texas near the Oklahoma state line. He is assigned as an initial attack resource and has already been dispatched once to put in a fire break. Shannon reports that the forest is similar to what we see here in parts of Maryland.

Shawn and Shannon have both led several MD crews the past several years as crew boss. We'll post additional information as it comes in. Thanks to all who have been passing along info to share!

Received word from John M., single resource currently on fire assignment in Texas. As of Friday he was working mop-up in the Mt. Pleasant area of Pittsburg Texas on a new start from the night before. Only light winds during the day Friday. Looks like that might be changing as an extensive area is under Red Flag weather conditions today. More single resources may be mobilized shortly to travel to Texas and Oklahoma. The NIFC daily situation report (adobe pdf doc) has been reactived as well (which is uncharacteristic for this time of the year).

Hi- I am a volunteer firefighter in Baltimore County, MD and I am interested in joining the MD wildland fire crew. I have not taken any wildland courses to date, but would like to as soon as possible. I would appreciate any information you could provide regarding upcoming course dates, location, and how to register. Thank you very much! -- -Joe C

Joe, appreciate your interest. As we learn of training opportunities we usually post them either here on the Bulletin Board or on the News page. Haven't heard of any new training yet, but its that time of the year that we start to get the notices of upcoming training in February and March. Anyone out there seen any of the regions training schedules.... if so send them in!

thanks -the webmaster


Happy New Year everyone. I hope the holiday's have treated everyone well.

As I'm sure many of you are aware, record drought and Red Flag conditions have been plaguing parts of Texas and Oklahoma and the call has gone out for additional resources. Past crew members Derek A. (DNR FS), Don K. (DNR FS), Martin C. (DNR PS) and John M. (DNR FS) have been requested as Single Resource (Dozer Operators) for a fire assignment in Texas. All of them are Maryland Wildfire Crewmembers and great guys (I've been lucky enough to have been out on multiple crews with each one of them). They are scheduled to fly out in short order. If you have been following along, CNN and The Weather Channel have been providing some excellent coverage of the fires. Thanks Brian for passing along the info.

Also, if you haven't checked out the photo album lately, there is a new page for the Cedarville RX burn last fall. It is still under construction, but the pictures are there and many are quite impressive.

-the webmaster.


I have just gotten back from 2 weeks in Louisiana and Mississippi. I was dispatched as an Incident Medical Specialist Technician (as a single resource). I've got some good pictures of the devastation in SE LA and MS and would be happy to send them to you. I wore my Maryland Fire Crew t-shirt proudly...........

Peggy M

Be looking foward to the Pics. I know we had quite a few other crew members helping out down south... any others out there with pictures to share?


In case anyone is looking for some fire experience this winter, Blackwater NWR in Cambridge is currently hiring GS-4 and GS-5 positions. You can find out more by clicking on, scroll down to Jobs. Clicking on Jobs will take you to Cares Network (FWS hiring service).



For those of you who get Wildland Firefighter magazine take note of the cover of the new September issue. Its an AP photo from the Blackerby Fire which MDS#1 was at last month.



A few notes from the webmaster:

I've been working on the photo albums for the Camp 32 and Blackerby Fires. Special thanks go out to Brian and Kia as well as everyone who sent in pictures. The Camp 32 page is done and the Blackerby will be done shortly (its under construction).

The Eastern region has started dispatching crews to help out in the Hurricane Relief effort. For crews dispatched via the Eastern Area Coordination Center, updates will be posted on the IARR Report.

Good luck to Hutch as well as all the firefighters dispatched to the South to help out with the Hurricane relief efforts.



Scott Hutchinson "Hutch" is being activated to help with search and rescue and general assistance in the gulf region. He is leaving with a group of Fire Fighters from Pax River Naval Air Station. Hutch will be serving as the Strike Team Leader for his group. Last I heard they were leaving today 9/6/05. He says their stay could be as long as 30 days. Good luck to them!



Good to see u all back safe. Was there talk about more crews going out?


I heard that there is another crew currently listed for Maryland. If anyone has more info, I'm sure Mike as well as others that missed going out on the first crew would love to hear from you.


MDS#1 has returned from the Camp 32 and Blackerby fires in Montana and Idaho. Over the next few weeks I'll be looking forward to crew members sending in pictures. Once received, I'll set up the photo albums on the Photo Album page. This year, I'll also put together a CD of all the pictures sent in (including ones that didn't make the web page) and mail a copy to all the crew members who would like a copy. Thanks to everyone on MDS#1, it was indeed one of the best crews I've ever been a part of!

the webmaster

p.s. I've also added some news links under the News page and a new Link to the Frederick County Wildland Fire Crew web on the Links page.


MDS#1 will be on its way tomorrow morning to the Camp 32 fire in Montana. Check out the news page and the Links page to keep up to date on the crew. I hear that Shannon W. will be crew boss of the type 2IA crew. Your's truely will be joining the crew as well so after this evening, no additional updates to the website will be made for the next few weeks.

the webmaster


Mike, I packed my red bag today and here is what went in. 12 t shirts, 1 sweat shirt, 18 pairs of socks, 12 pairs of bvd's, 1 pair of shorts, one pair of shower flip flops, 3 bandanas, tooth brush/paste, deoderant, nail clippers, mole skin, wash cloth, towel, soap, pocket knife, a good book, small notepad and pen, cold medicine, a small flashlight, compass, ID and redcard, some $ for t shirts, sunglasses, shaving stuff and a two man tent. I'm sure everyone has their preference, just what happens to be what I pack out.

Happy 4th!



Greetings from the Grand Canyon! Here in the Southwest, we are at level 3. Zone is now level 4 and the Canyon itself is at level 3. We have over 40 shot crews active in our area and a ton of air resources around here. The engine crews I am working on have been out on four details so far and we are getting probably around 5 new starts per week. All lightning starts. If you are packing for a detail out here, expect a lot of heat. I was on a detail outside Phoenix in the desert last week. High temps were around 105 during the day and in the 80's at night. Hope to see ya'll out here.

Dan Pearson

Dan is a Maryland Crew member who many of you know that is spending his summer on an engine crew out in the Grand canyon. Stay cool, Dan, we hope to see you soon as well!


Hey I see out west is getting bad any word on crews did you figure out on what to pack and stuff when people go out? Maybe just some to post on the bulletin board


Mike, here is a link to another site on suggestions on what to take. I can tell you what I have to pack in my red bag: I have 10 T-shirts and pairs of underwear. About a dozen and a half socks (I like my socks). A nice heavy sweatshirt. A pair of shorts and shower shoes. A big zip lock bag with my personal items such as soap, a towel, tooth paste/brush, deodorant, ect. My fireline approved boots of course and a spare pair of laces. I also take some benedryl and moleskin. Finally, I take a small tent, a good book, my pocket knife, and a mini mag flashlight. Its also important to bring a picture ID, your red card, and a little cash. Everyone packs a little differently, but always remember to never take anything that you aren't prepared to loose. You never know when your gear is going to get lost, burned, or ran over by a bus.

Haven't heard much on crews going out yet. NIFC and NMAC did raise the national preparedness level this week from 1 to 2 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Anyone else have some suggestions for Mike on what to pack or have any word on crews being assembled to go out this summer?


Although the season is off to a slow start, don't forget to contact your regional fire manager to update your availability for the season as well as your contact information. Click here for regional fire manager phone numbers. Please note that firefighters in Central Region (Carroll, Montgomery, Howard, Cecil, Baltimore and Harford Counties) should contact the Southern Regional Fire Manager at (301) 579-6551 this season. Remember, its never too early to get your gear together and continue working out. Things will start heating up out west before you know it! Also, Bud has sent in an updated Word Document on Patches and Stickers for the Crew. Click here to check it out!


Article today in the Washington Post on the weekend wildfires in the Montgomery and Charles County.


Posted a few new notes to the NEWS page. As we start into May and into June, thoughts start to turn to structure protection, burning out, and cutting line. Keep checking back for updates and crew news as the season progresses. As always, don't hesitate to share any information, thoughts or Maryland Crew pictures you might have.

The Webmaster



Looks like the spring wildfire season has come to DELMARVA. A little light reading for everyone.



Howdy do and goodbye for now! I wish to thank all the friends I have made over the past 7 years on the Maryland Fire Crew. I have truly enjoyed working with you in training, at camps, and on fires throughout the country. I am sure I will see you again in the future, but for this upcoming season, I will be working as an Engine Slug for the National Park Service at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. However, I'll be back in December at Blackwater. I look forward to seeing you in camps again soon.

So long for now, Dan Pearson

Dan, good luck working out at the Grand Canyon this summer. You certainly will be missed. Hope you bring back some good stories to share with us in the Fall!

*** The Webmaster


Be sure to check the news page. An link concerning the AD rates for the upcoming Fire Season has been posted which impacts all volunteer crew members paid at the AD rate.

On another note... the work capacity test (Pack test) will be here before you know it (See News page for the Central Regions scheduled test times). If you ride a desk for a living and aren't as active as you used to be like myself, be sure to start training now. Your body will thank you for it!

*** The Webmaster


I see that NIFC has posted the 2005 outlook for the nation. Thought some of the crew might be interested.



Be sure to check the news page. Training schedules are starting to be announced. Central region has already announced theirs. If you have the details from the other regions, please feel free to forward and I'll post on the website.

*** The Webmaster


Attention Maryland Wildfire Crew Members

As 2004 comes to an end, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has provided all sorts of contributions to When I put this website together a little over a year ago, I never expected so many crew members to contribute... thank you to all of you! Just as out on the fire line, this website has become a team effort with all of you making it a success. For those of you that haven't posted something to the Bulletin Board, sent in a news note, or your pictures; don't be shy, please feel free to do so in 2005!

In case you're interested, here are some of the websites statistics for 2004:

An average of 175 different people visited the website each month, many returning multiple times during the month to revisit.

Visitors viewed a total of 23,769 different pages within the website throughout the year.

Please have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

***The Webmaster


I've updated the announcement for the fire patch, could you please replace it so the info is up to date,

Thanks Bud

Click Here for the announcement (MS WORD Document)


The El Dorado photo page has been redone, be sure to check it out. Thank you John M. for the additional El Dorado photos.

*** The webmaster


Just a few notes.

I heard from Kia the other day. She is attempting to put together another t-shirt order but is a few shirts short. Please contact her if you are interested. Info is posted below dated 9/9/2004.

As we head into the colder months, I'll have more time to work on the website. Please feel free to dig out those old firecrew pictures and send them in. Scan them in and e-mail them, send them in on CD, or drop me an note and we'll arrange exchanging photos via the mail. I'm always happy to scan them and return them to you.

As we head in to RX burn season, be sure to stay safe out the...remember, safety first!

***The webmaster


Hey there again! In case anyone is interested, you may want to let them know that Blackwater Nat'l Wildlife Refuge is hiring GS 4 and GS 5 level firefighters for the winter. They will be involved mainly in prescribed burning approx. 11,000 acres of marshland. If interested, they can find out more by calling Blackwater or and following the banner.


One of our more technologically oriented crew members sent in a link to this article on Computer Technology and Fire Weather. Also, if you haven't noticed, the photo album from Crew MDS#1 2004 tour in the El Dorado NF is finally up. Might want to check it out. *** The Webmaster
There have been some crew members asking about the blue crew t-shirts that Kia worked on creating for the crew this season. If you are interested in ordering, Click here for the ordering information (WORD document). If you want to see a picture of the actual shirt click here for the Front and here for the Back. *** The Webmaster
Brian was kind enough to send in a little narrative of how MDS#1 made out in California. He has also promised some pictures which we'll get posted as soon as they arrive. Click here for a link to Brian's narrative (WORD document)*** The Webmaster

I heard that MDS#1 is back from California. Let us know how things went guys and gals!

I also ran across a job announcement for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Cambridge Maryland. It is for a Forestry Technician (Firefighter). Thought I'd pass along the link to the announcement in case anyone was interested. Click here for link to US FISH & WILDLIFE JOB POSTING ***The Webmaster


Couldnít make it this time be safe and GOOD LUCK MD #1



Heard that we are sending out a crew on tuesday, the 17th. If anyone knows any additional details let me know and I'll do my best to keep track of them on the website. You can also keep track on the News page. I've posted everything I've been able to find out there.

*** The Webmaster


Lastest I heard of was sept. but that was in 88 during yellowstone.


Wow, its already the middle of Aug and who would have thought that we would still be at only a level 3 preparedness nationally and as far as I have heard, Maryland hasn't sent out a single crew yet. Has anyone heard how late we will keep a crew listed as available? Any idea how late in the season a crew has gone out before? Any other general thoughts or comments? Just rambling on a bit I know. *** The Webmaster

Ran across this link to a story on WJZ TV channel 13 on the study Johns Hopkins is conducting on firefighters from Anne Arundel County that were exposed to PCP's during training in the 1970's. I know some of our crew members are paid fire from there and might want to check it out.

thanks Pedro

You'll need Windows Media player for the link to work. You can also go to for a link. The Webmaster

Today we said goodbye to fellow crewmember Warren Daywalt. I took a few minutes to copy the obituary published in the Baltimore Sun this week and add a picture Brian S. sent in of Warren. Its a little big, but it can be viewed by clicking here (WORD Document). The Webmaster.

Funeral arrangements for Warren Daywalt are as follows:

Viewing Tuesday July 27, 2004 Barranco & Sons Funeral Home (click here for the website including directions). The address is 495 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park 3-5pm & 7-9pm

Memorial Service Wednesday July 28, 2004 Barranco & Sons Funeral Home 1pm

Luncheon at the Earleigh Heights Fire Department (161 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park) following the memorial service.

Here is the latest information.


It is my sad duty to inform all of you that Warren Daywalt passed away today at 1pm due to complications with cancer. Warren was diagnosed almost one year ago. He underwent chemotherapy and seemed to be doing well, however a few weeks ago things took a turn for the worst. Warren passed away peacefully at his home in the presence of his family.

A retired Captain with the Anne Arundel Fire Department, Warren was a member of the Maryland Fire Crew for many years, eventually earning the position of Crew Boss as well as additional positions. Warren was also a seasonal at the USFWS Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, serving on the burn crew. For those that have had the pleasure of serving with Warren, either on the job or on a crew, knew him to be a hard worker, fun to be around, and a natural leader, often teaching younger fire crew members the details and nuances of firefighting. He will be dearly missed.

Details are sketchy right now but a viewing is roughly scheduled for Tuesday (July 27) at a funeral home and a memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday (July 28) at the Earleigh Heights Fire House on Rt. 2 in Anne Arundel Co. I will pass on more details when I get them.

Brian S

Warren was a great guy and it saddens me to have to post this announcement. Warren was a A#1 guy all around and he will be deeply missed by all. As more info about the viewing and service are pasted along, I'll post them here. If you have any thoughts or stories about Warren you would like to share, please feel free to send them in and I'll post them too. My condolences to all of Warren's friends and family. ***The Webmaster


Click here for a little story from CNN concerning possible Fire Camp safety and use of the Blue Room. Thought everyone could use a little Monday humor ***The Webmaster


Congratulations Will on your new job! I know I speak for all the grunts who have served proudly under your leadership when I say, "Can't wait to see you on the line again!" Now that the obligatory schmoozing is over with, I can honestly say you have been one of my favorite crew bosses I have worked with over the last 13 fires I have worked with Maryland. There are presently four of us (Brian, Mark, Gilbert, and me) who are working towards getting our crew boss certifications and our actions/decisions are based upon what we have observed of our past crew bosses. You have set the bar high, but rest assured, your legacy will live on through our generation and beyond. Thanks again for the care and leadership you have given to all of us.

Dan P


Howdy fellow groundpounders! Just a quick note to let you know that after nearly 20 years of thrills and chills with the DNR-FS, I have made a career change and am now working as an Outdoor Educator with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools as of July 1st. This decision didn't come easy, as I have always treated my career with the Forest Service as a way of life, not just a job. I felt it was time for a change both personally and professionally, and have had a long relationship with A.A. County's Outdoor Ed. program, which is the finest in the state. I have nothing but the deepest admiration and respect for my FS colleagues, and because we're all good friends, we will be seeing each other often. The other good news is that my new boss knows how much I have invested in wildland fire, and has kindly offered to let me remain active with the crew. Since I don't have any leave accumulated yet, I'm pretty much off the list for this year, but will keep all of you in my thoughts as mobilizations occur. I hope to be throwin' dirt next season, and will continue to offer my writings and ramblings on this site. For more info on my new workplace, visit and my new e-mail addy is Be safe, and keep your chinstraps tight! Will

Will, glad you touched base with us. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of being on a crew with Will, his credentials are as long as the Chesapeake Bay is wide. He has also been a valuable contributor to this website. Oh yeah, he's a heck of a firefighter too. Check out the link to the history of the Maryland Forest Service Fire Program written by Will we recently posted in the ABOUT THE CREW section of the website. Glad to hear you'll be in action again next season! *** The Webmaster



Yes, Maryland is switching to red helmets this year. I believe that they will be issued to only Type 2 IA crews at this time. I don't know if all the yellow helmets are going to be replaced or not. Most State folks (FS & SFPS) have red helmets as part of their state equipment issued to them. I have also seen or heard that a few of the volunteers have gotten their own red helmets. Some of the yellow helmets are outdated. Hope this helps.

Brian, DNR FS


Francis was kind enough to follow up with a WORD document with some of his thoughts on his personal experience with safety zones. To check it out, click here. Also, don't forget to check out the pictures and link to a video clip from the Rough Draw fire he writes about in the Photo Album section. *** The Webmaster


Hi Webmaster, I was on the Rough Draw fire in 2003 and I learn the value of the safety zone and I have taken time to write few words on safety zone. And if is alright with you, I would like to share these words with my fellow Wild Land Firefighters.

I think this can be an eye opener and leaning tool for Wild Land Firefighters. You can contact me at <snip>. And I like to say Hi to all MD#3, MD#4 Rough Draw Wild Land Firefighters 2003.

Francis MD#4

Francis, I <snipped> your personal information. Let me know if you would like it posted as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on safety zones. Send them in and I'll post them! The Webmaster


I heard that the crew is going to Red helmets this season. Has anyone else heard that? Are all Maryland crews that go out west this year going to red, or only the type 2 IA crews? I was going to pick up a new helmet for the season and don't know if I should get red or yellow like the ones from past years? I appreaciate any info someone out there might have.



Welcome to the Maryland Wildfire Community Bulletin Board. Why a Community Bulletin Board you ask? Well because of popular demand. I've received multiple requests to add some sort of Chat room or bulletin board to the website. Although there are a lot of different formats that would fulfill these requests, one that allows me to filter out all the SPAM e-mails and edit any names from the postings before they go up seems to fit the bill the best. So I've decided on this format. Besides, I'm not technically savvy enough to build anything more complex :-) Anyway, don't be afraid to ask questions, post thoughts, or just plain drop a line to say "Hi!"

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