Maryland Wildfire

About The Maryland Wildland Fire Crew

The Maryland Wildland Fire Crew is a Type II IA handcrew mobilized by the Maryland DNR Forest Service. The Maryland DNR Forest Service has been assembling crews and (through an agreement with the USDA Forest Service) has been making them available to travel out of state to act as an additional resource in the national effort to combat wildfires occurring every year since the mid 1970's. The members of the crews are mostly Maryland DNR Forest Service, Maryland DNR Forest & Park Service, and volunteers with many members returning year after year. In addition to Type II handcrews, the Maryland DNR Forest Service also maintains a list of available single resource qualified individuals that also participate in wildfire suppression activities coordinated through the USDA Forest Service.

Click Here for a map of the states the Crew and Crew members have visited to fight wildfires in recent years.

Click Here for a link to a History of the Maryland Forest Service Fire program written by the Crew's very own Will Williams of the Maryland DNR Forest Service (retired) Adobe PDF document